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Food for Thought: Boba

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

A series of perspectives from local food enthusiasts sharing their love and dedication for the best eats around town.

Diamond Jamboree boba
Marissa Koo: from trying local boba shops, to exploring boba internationally, she's still on the hunt for the best boba drink around. Read about her story below and check out her Instagram @itskooboba.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became a boba enthusiast?

"I was born and raised in San Francisco and that environment exposed me to the diverse range of food and boba. I first started sharing my love for food and boba through a website for non SF natives. From this, I realized that I was spending an insane amount of money on boba so I started to count the number of drinks I would have to keep track. From that, I created a boba instagram account to share with my friends about different drinks. At the end of the day, It feels rewarding to see people try the drinks I recommend."

Of all desserts and drinks to focus on, why boba?

"I think when making most desserts and drinks, the methods can be a bit limiting, but with boba, there's a huge variety of flavored fruit teas and milk teas. Not only that, but

the type of toppings that you can

add are endless!"

What criteria do you use to evaluate a quality boba drink?

"For milk drinks, I usually measure how heavy it feels and how its makes my stomach feel after. For fruit teas, I usually measure the taste by how fresh the fruits are. For the boba balls, I typically measure it based on chewiness. I think it is good if it is soft, sweet, and chewy."

Where was your best boba experience and why?

"My best boba experience was at Wushiland near LA because of how fresh the jasmine milk tea tasted and how perfectly chewy the small boba balls were! I’ve never been disappointed each I’ve gone back."

What's your go-to boba drink?

"Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea with Boba and Lychee Jelly with less sugar and less ice from 85°C."

Can you share a fun fact about your boba journey?

"I had 247 cups of boba drinks last year!"

Where is your favorite place to get boba at Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center?

"My favorite place to get boba at Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center is at 85°C."

A huge thank you to Marissa for sharing more about her boba drinking adventures. To check out some of her favorite spots, visit her Instagram @itskooboba or website.

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