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Asian foods with a flair in Irvine


Sure, Will Ferrell is from Irvine and visiting modern global foods and drinks at Diamond Jamboree in Irvine, Ca tempted the palate and satisfied the tummy. #diamondjamboree and #destinationirvine hosted our food and travel writers by offering appealing foods of Taiwan and Korea with a decadent bakery in-between.

Chef Hung Taiwanese Noodles restaurant was opened by the “King of Taiwanese Beef Noodle” Chef Hung. Chef has won numerous awards and recognition by the President of Taiwan for his time honored cooking and decided to open a restaurant in the USA. Signature beef stock simmers for 15 hours with herbs and spices to create a flavor packed noodle bowl. Not to be missed are the variety of teas from honey grapefruit and rose black plus a light green tea with no bitterness.

Putting a twist on Korean food is Urban Seoul. There is the urban side of a burger topped with kimchi and the Seoul side gogi quesadillas. The chefs kick up the flavors with the marinated meats and tofu paired with healthy veggies. Pork belly, corn, soy sauce vinaigrette, spicy rice cakes just to name a few. And a Taco Tuesday unlike any others. Once I experienced the unique and exotic blends, I was hooked.

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