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    Now Open: 1st US Location Of Meet Fresh At Diamond Jamboree!
    OC Weekly, 7/22/2014

    Orange County home to third-largest Asian American population in U.S.
    LAtimes.com, 7/13/2014

    Seoul Food!
    Orangecoast.com, 7/7/2014

    Feeding Our Souls at Urban Seoul
    Eatwithhop.com, 4/27/2014

     Irvine’s Hidden Gems: Coffeebar Byul and Urban Seoul
    LA-Explorer.com, 4/24/2014

    Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert Shop to Open at Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 4/25/2014

    11th Annual Cheap Eats/Orange County: Urban Seoul
    Westways Magazine, 3/4/2014

    Pop-ups bringing boutiques to the customers
    OC Register, 1/15/2014

    Let’s Eat: 2013 Register Restaurant Awards (#7 Urban Seoul)
    OC Register, 12/17/2013

    On the Line: Chef Kacy Jun of Urban Seoul, Part 2
    OC Weekly, 10/15/2013

    On the Line: Chef Kacy Jun of Urban Seoul, Part 1
    OC Weekly, 10/14/2013

    The Gossiping Gourmet: The “Seoul” of Fusion Cuisine
    Huntington Beach Independent, 9/3/2013

    Diamond Jamboree Gives Shoppers a Taste of Asia
    OC Register, 8/21/2013

    The Dish List: Urban Seoul
    New University, 5/13/2013

    Urban Seoul’s Bulgogi Nation
    OC Weekly, 5/2/2013

    Urban Seoul – Korean Fusion
    OCFoodList.com, 4/8/2013

    Ignite Your “Urban Seoul”
    Destination Irvine, 4/7/2013

    What to Eat at Urban Seoul
    Brad Johnson Blog, 3/31/2013

    Short Order: Korean Mexican Mashup at Urban Seoul
    OC Register, 3/26/2013

    Yelp reviewers rave about an Irvine cafe more than Disneyland?
    OC Register, 2/27/2013

    The Dish List: The Kickin’ Crab
    New University, 2/26/2013

    Irvine is an Orange County Road Trip Gem
    Road Trips For Couples, 2/14/2013

    Irvine Restaurant Week: Try swishing at SWSH Shabu Shabu
    Examiner, 1/14/2013

    New Korean Taco Joint Serves Short Rib Arepas and Kimchi Quesadillas at Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 1/7/2013

    And, the top karaoke songs are …
    OC Weekly, 12/6/2012

    Best of Orange County – Best Strip Mall 2012
    OC Weekly, 2012

    Irvine, CA: Diamond Jamboree Center shines with unique dining and shopping
    Examiner.com, 7/31/2012

    On the Line: Donald Williams of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Part Three
    OC Weekly, 7/19/2012

    On the Line: Donald Williams of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Part Two
    OC Weekly, 7/18/2012

    On the Line: Donald Williams of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Part One
    OC Weekly, 7/17/2012

    Exploring Asian Cuisine at Diamond Jamboree
    City Room Now, 7/09/2012

    Japanese Cuisine at SWSH Shabu Shabu
    Examiner, 7/04/2012

    7 New O.C. Restaurants
    OC Register, 5/24/2012

    Sandwich Club, New Banh Mi Shop, Opens in Irvine
    OC Weekly, 5/23/2012

    Irvine Scene goes to Diamond Jamboree
    Irvine Community TV, 5/17/2012

    On the Line: Austin Lee of Itriya Cafe, Part Three
    OC Weekly, 5/17/2012

    On the Line: Austin Lee of Itriya Cafe, Part Two
    OC Weekly, 5/16/2012

    On the Line: Austin Lee of Itriya Cafe, Part One
    OC Weekly, 5/15/2012

    Greer’s Daily Dose: Mothers Day Pop Up Shop
    Greer’s OC, 5/02/2012

    Tous Pop-up shop at Diamond Jamboree
    Destination Irvine, 5/02/2012

    Greer’s OC: Sink teeth into Tastefest
    Daily Pilot, 5/02/2012

    Tous Take Over
    Destination Irvine, 5/02/2012

    Great Eats This Week: Delicious Bites From Diamond Jamboree Center in Irvine
    Cathy Thomas Cooks, 5/02/2012

    Noodle soups in Vancouver go beyond ramen and pho
    Straight.com, 3/22/2012

    One perfect day in Irvine
    Sunset, 3/20/2012

    Revolving $2 sushi chain invading O.C., So Cal
    OC Register, 3/20/2012

    12 new Orange County restaurants (Sandwich Club)
    OC Register, 3/15/2012

    Crepes De Paris Closes at Diamond Jamboree. Next Up: A Banh Mi Shop
    OC Weekly, 3/7/2012

    Critic’s Choice: Pastry shops with a taste for distant lands
    LA Times, 2/23/2012

    Is Kula Becoming The Walmart of Sushi?
    OC Weekly, 2/3/2012

    On the Line: Paul Zhu of The Balcony Grill & Bar, Part One
    OC Weekly, 1/24/2012

    Ten Great Bakeries in Orange County (85ºC)
    OC Weekly, 1/20/2012

    Eating the Orange – 85ºC Bakery Cafe
    OC Metro, 1/12/2012

    Best Chinese Restaurants Awards (Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle), Vancouver 2012
    The Vancouver Sun, 12/15/2011

    Eating the Orange – Kula Revolving Sushi Bar
    OC Metro, 12/22/2011

    New Wave Noodles: Cheesecake Factory alum Howard Gordon launches Itriya Cafe
    Restaurant Hospitality, 12/1/2011

    CoCo Ichibanya to Serve Up Japanese Curry in Irvine Starting Nov. 25
    OC Weekly, 11/11/2011

    Itriya Cafe Shows Ssam Like It Hot
    OC Weekly, 11/10/2011

    Irvine Gets Three New Pho Shops (Pho Saigon Pearl)
    OC Weekly, 11/8/2011

    Chef Hung at Diamond Jamboree Formally Opens; Discounts All Day
    OC Weekly, 10/24/2011

    SWSH Shabu Shabu Opens in Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 10/24/2011

    Best Late-Night Dining – 2011 (BCD Tofu House)
    OC Weekly, 10/13/2011

    Itriya Cafe Opens at Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 10/3/2011

    Nouveau Noodles: Itriya Cafe
    GreersOC.com, 9/28/2011

    Best of Orange County 2011 – Best Korean Restaurants (3rd Place – BCD Tofu House)
    OC Register, 9/23/2011

    Diamond Jamboree to Get a Pho Restaurant
    OC Weekly, 9/16/2011

    Fast food nations: Popular foreign chain restaurants are making their mark in Southern California
    Westways, 9/1/2011

    Greek Islands Cuisines closes, Diamond Jamboree Loses a Restaurant
    OC Weekly, 8/31/2011

    Chef Hung Opens in Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 8/19/2011

    Dramatic Rise in Number of Asian Businesses in Irvine
    New American Media, 8/14/2011

    100 Favorite Dishes 2011 – No. 47: Green Curry With Pork at Papaya Thai Bistro
    OC Weekly, 8/10/2011

    Drink of the Week: Yogurt Nigoritini at Balcony Grill
    OC Weekly, 8/5/2011

    40 Things that Define Irvine
    OC Register, 6/18/2011

    Second 85°C Bakery Café Location to Open in Hacienda Heights
    OC Weekly, 6/1/2011

    Dining Options for Every Season at Diamond Jamboree
    American Chronicle, 5/17/2011

    Shabu Shabu Joint to Open at Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 4/21/2011

    Papaya Thai Bistro (review)
    Monster Munching, 4/18/2011

    New Japanese Curry Restaurant Planned for Diamond Jamboree (Coco Ichibanya)
    OC Weekly, 3/21/2011

    Fashions Dazzle at Diamond Jamboree (FOREUS)
    GreersOC.com, 3/8/2011

    Relax, Majestically (Majestic Spa)
    GreersOC.com, 2/23/2011

    Dueling Dishes: Korean Fried Chicken (BBQ Chicken, Love Letter/HMart)
    OC Weekly, 2/17/2011

    Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant to Open at Diamond Jamboree (Chef Hung)
    OC Weekly, 2/8/2011

    Drunk After Work: Balcony Grill & Bar
    OC Weekly, 2/7/2011

    Dueling Dishes: Battle Strawberry Croissant (Bon Epi)
    OC Weekly, 2/3/2011

    New Restaurant to Mix Spaghetti, Korean Food at Irvine’s Diamond Jamboree
    OC Weekly, 1/12/2011


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