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Even with Irvine’s diverse mix of cultures, some residents feel they don’t ‘fit’
“On Friday and Saturday nights, hundreds of young Asian tourists and Asian Americans pack the Diamond Jamboree plaza a few miles from UC Irvine, billed as Orange County’s international dining destination. Some hipsters scroll through their flashy gadgets while waiting in a 45-minute line for the addictive herbal jelly and taro balls at Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese dessert chain. Others check out the fashionable young women putting their names down for a table at Urban Seoul, serving kimchi fried rice and gogi tacos.”, 5/30/2017

How Irvine, CA Became a Chinese Dining Destination, 5/15/2017

Endless Options At Irvine’s Diamond Jamboree, 3/7/2017

And, the top karaoke songs are …
OC Register, 12/6/12

Best of Orange County – Best Strip Mall 2012
OC Weekly, 2012

Irvine, CA: Diamond Jamboree Center shines with unique dining and shopping, 7/31/2012

On the Line: Donald Williams of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Part Three
OC Weekly, 7/19/2012

On the Line: Donald Williams of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Part Two
OC Weekly, 7/18/2012

On the Line: Donald Williams of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Part One
OC Weekly, 7/17/2012

Exploring Asian Cuisine at Diamond Jamboree
City Room Now, 7/09/2012

Japanese Cuisine at SWSH Shabu Shabu
Examiner, 7/04/2012

7 New O.C. Restaurants
OC Register, 5/24/2012

Sandwich Club, New Banh Mi Shop, Opens in Irvine
OC Weekly, 5/23/2012

Irvine Scene: Diamond Jamboree
Irvine Community TV, 5/17/2012

On the Line: Austin Lee of Itriya Cafe, Part Three
OC Weekly, 5/17/2012

On the Line: Austin Lee of Itriya Cafe, Part Two
OC Weekly, 5/16/2012

On the Line: Austin Lee of Itriya Cafe, Part One
OC Weekly, 5/15/2012

Greer’s Daily Dose: Mothers Day Pop Up Shop
Greer’s OC, 5/02/2012

Tous Pop-up shop at Diamond Jamboree
Destination Irvine, 5/02/2012

Greer’s OC: Sink teeth into Tastefest
Daily Pilot, 5/02/2012

Tous Take Over
Destination Irvine, 5/02/2012

Great Eats This Week: Delicious Bites From Diamond Jamboree Center in Irvine
Cathy Thomas Cooks, 5/02/2012

Noodle soups in Vancouver go beyond ramen and pho, 3/22/2012

One perfect day in Irvine
Sunset, 3/20/2012

Revolving $2 sushi chain invading O.C., So Cal
OC Register, 3/20/2012

12 new Orange County restaurants (Sandwich Club)
OC Register, 3/15/2012

Crepes De Paris Closes at Diamond Jamboree. Next Up: A Banh Mi Shop
OC Weekly, 3/7/2012

Critic’s Choice: Pastry shops with a taste for distant lands
LA Times, 2/23/2012

Is Kula Becoming The Walmart of Sushi?
OC Weekly, 2/3/2012

On the Line: Paul Zhu of The Balcony Grill & Bar, Part One
OC Weekly, 1/24/2012

Ten Great Bakeries in Orange County (85ºC)
OC Weekly, 1/20/2012

Eating the Orange – 85ºC Bakery Cafe
OC Metro, 1/12/2012

Best Chinese Restaurants Awards (Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle), Vancouver 2012
The Vancouver Sun, 1/12/2012

Eating the Orange – Kula Revolving Sushi Bar
OC Metro, 12/22/2011

New Wave Noodles: Cheesecake Factory alum Howard Gordon launches Itriya Cafe
Restaurant Hospitality, 12/1/2011

CoCo Ichibanya to Serve Up Japanese Curry in Irvine Starting Nov. 25
OC Weekly, 11/11/2011

Itriya Cafe Shows Ssam Like It Hot
OC Weekly, 11/10/2011

Irvine Gets Three New Pho Shops (Pho Saigon Pearl)
OC Weekly, 11/8/2011

Chef Hung at Diamond Jamboree Formally Opens; Discounts All Day
OC Weekly, 10/24/2011

SWSH Shabu Shabu Opens in Diamond Jamboree
OC Weekly, 10/24/2011

Best Late-Night Dining – 2011 (BCD Tofu House)
OC Weekly, 10/13/2011

Itriya Cafe Opens at Diamond Jamboree
OC Weekly, 10/3/2011

Nouveau Noodles: Itriya Cafe, 9/28/2011

Best of Orange County 2011 – Best Korean Restaurants (3rd Place – BCD Tofu House)
OC Register, 9/23/2011

Diamond Jamboree to Get a Pho Restaurant
OC Weekly, 9/16/2011

Fast food nations: Popular foreign chain restaurants are making their mark in Southern California
Westways, 9/1/2011

Greek Islands Cuisines closes, Diamond Jamboree Loses a Restaurant
OC Weekly, 8/31/2011

Chef Hung Opens in Diamond Jamboree
OC Weekly, 8/19/2011

Dramatic Rise in Number of Asian Businesses in Irvine
New American Media, 8/14/2011

100 Favorite Dishes 2011 – No. 47: Green Curry With Pork at Papaya Thai Bistro
OC Weekly, 8/10/2011

Drink of the Week: Yogurt Nigoritini at Balcony Grill
OC Weekly, 8/5/2011

40 Things that Define Irvine
OC Register, 6/18/2011

Second 85°C Bakery Café Location to Open in Hacienda Heights
OC Weekly, 6/1/2011

Dining Options for Every Season at Diamond Jamboree
American Chronicle, 5/17/2011

Shabu Shabu Joint to Open at Diamond Jamboree
OC Weekly, 4/21/2011

Papaya Thai Bistro (review)
Monster Munching, 4/18/2011

New Japanese Curry Restaurant Planned for Diamond Jamboree (Coco Ichibanya)
OC Weekly, 3/21/2011

Fashions Dazzle at Diamond Jamboree (FOREUS), 3/8/2011

Relax, Majestically (Majestic Spa), 2/23/2011

Dueling Dishes: Korean Fried Chicken (BBQ Chicken, Love Letter/HMart)
OC Weekly, 2/17/2011

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant to Open at Diamond Jamboree (Chef Hung)
OC Weekly, 2/8/2011

Drunk After Work: Balcony Grill & Bar
OC Weekly, 2/7/2011

Dueling Dishes: Battle Strawberry Croissant (Bon Epi)
OC Weekly, 2/3/2011

New Restaurant to Mix Spaghetti, Korean Food at Irvine’s Diamond Jamboree
OC Weekly, 1/12/2011

Anteaters on the Move
UC Irvine, 12/15/2010

2 Restaurants to Open at Spectrum (Capital Seafood)
OC Register, 12/2/2010

Probalsky: Things I am Thankful for in Irvine (Diamond Jamboree)
OC Register, 12/1/2010

2 New Restaurants Planned for Irvine Spectrum (Capital Seafood)
OC Weekly, 12/1/2010

Piyo Piyo Baby Products Coming to Irvine
OC Register, 10/11/2010

Asian Baby Products Chain Mounts Push
OC Business Journal, 10/10/2010

Kula Way to Eat Sushi
New University, 9/21/2010

Finally, a tasty, affordable French Restaurant
OC Register, 8/17/2010

Taiwan coffee shop chain set for U.S. expansion
Taiwan Today, 8/17/2010

The Find: 85C in Irvine
Los Angeles Times, 7/13/2010

Starbucks of Taiwan Arrives in OC, 7/10/2010

New fast-casual concepts focus on pasta
Nation’s Restaurant News, 7/5/2010

Taiwan Sea Salt Latte: Is 85C The Next Coffee Craze?
NPR, 6/8/2010

Digging into deep-fried BBQ chicken
OC Register, 4/20/2010

Exploring OC’s new dining mecca
OC Register, 3/22/2010

Weekly Shopping Hot Tip: Foreus Boutique, 3/15/2010

A custom experience at Foreus Boutique
OC Register, 3/4/2010

Is Diamond Jamboree O.C.’s Hottest Spot?
OC Register, 2/17/2010

Yogurtland to Open at Diamond Jamboree
OC Weekly, 2/3/2010

Tea, Coffee and Boba Shop (Lollicup) to Open at Diamond Jamboree
OC Register, 11/3/2009

Kula Offer Sushi Not as Art, But as a (still tasty) Commodity
OC Weekly, 10/21/2009

General Tso’s Chicken Wings Recipe with Ingredients from HMart
Washingtonian, 10/21/2009

Kula Sushi: Just grab it off the belt
OC Register, 10/8/2009

114000 Sq. Ft. Diamond Jamboree Center Nearing Capacity
OC Register, 10/7/2009

Dueling Dishes: Green Beans. Capital Seafood vs. Jamillah Garden
OC Weekly, 6/12/2009

Diamond Jamboree President Named ABA OC JubilASIAN 2009 Honoree

Tofu Recipes from BCD Tofu
FoxNY, 3/13/2009

For Those Who Think Life at UCI is Boring, This is for You”
The New University, 4/27/2009

Lunch at Irvine’s Diamond Jamboree Center
OC Register, 1/29/2009

Guilt (and Carbs) Be Damned at Irvine’s Amazing 85°C Bakery Café
OC Weekly 11/25/2008

Irvine voters embrace diversity in mayoral election
LA Times 11/9/2008

Diamond Jamboree Grand Opening (in Chinese)
Sina 10/24/2008

Orange County Register

Shop doors swing open at Diamond Jamboree
OC Register 9/26/2008

Preview: Asian bakery giant debuts first U.S. cafe Friday in O.C.
OC Register 9/25/2008

20 stores, eateries, etc. to open at new Asian O.C. center
OC Register 9/17/2008

Tokyo Table among first to open at Irvine’s new Asian-themed mall
OC Register 9/16/2008

New Asian shopping center to soon open in Irvine
Hang Nguyen, OC Register 5/6/2008

Asian shopping center to open in Irvine
Cathy Tran, OC Register 5/5/2008

PRESS RELEASE: Irvine Retail Island of Strength (PDF)

Top News 2008: Asian Shopping Center
Cathy Tran and Elysse James, OC Register 1/2/2008

East Coast Asian Grocer Readying Store in Irvine (PDF)
OCBJ, 3/5/2007

DJL Press Release (PDF)

Irvine World News Diamond Jamboree Report (PDF)


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